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  • Shipping & returns

    The purchased medicines/products can be returned within 15 Days (medicines) or 3 Days (other products), under the following conditions:

    • The medicines/products are in good condition.
    • The full amount will be refunded after deducting any discounts received, if applicable.
    • Medicine/ products will not be accepted under the following conditions:
      • Tablets/ Capsules – Label is unclear, the strip is torn, and the number of tablets/capsules does not match as per the receipt.
      • Bottle/Syrup/Ointment – Seal is broken and the packet is torn.
      • Cold Chain Product(Injectables) – Once sold is not returnable.

    We assure you hassle-free refunds.

    For detailed information or queries, you can send us a message on our official Facebook page (m.me/ePharmacyNepal) or call us at 980-8787939.