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  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    The words "we," "our" and "us" are referred to as "ePharmacy" and identify personally identifiable or personal information which can be collected, how the data is used and how you choose to use the information that we use, which are described in this Policy.

    We intend to protect your privacy in relation to the terms set out in this website’s Terms of Use Agreement. Only authorized ePharmacy members to use any details provided by you or a medical doctor-approved by you on a need to know basis. In order to secure personal and health information, we continuously monitor our systems and records. In order to prosecute and/or pursue civil proceedings to recover damages against the liable parties, we investigate all allegations and such acts. Any user not agree to any of the conditions hereof shall immediately leave the website. ePharmacy disclaims all liabilities arising thereof, provided you do not agree with the policy, and you still have access to the website and provide your personal information.

    Applicability: This privacy policy extends to all Users who visit the website and are therefore expected before sending any personally identifiable information to read and understand the Privacy Policy. You may access, modify or remove any information that you store on your behalf if you have inadvertently submitted any such information to epharmacy before reading the data protection information provided herein and you do not agree with the way such information is collected, stored or used. ePharmacy retains the personally identifiable information of the user, and each user is allowed to request that ePharmacy remove and delete these data (but not other users).

    Certain users can access the website, position orders and make use of services on a valid prescription with epharmacy without registering or providing any personal information. ePharmacy is not responsible for or validates the information provided by the visitor unless required by law, regulation or an order of the competent authority. A user has to create an account on our web site in order to have access to all the features and benefits of our web site. A user must provide personal information as required in the Request / Registration Form in order to create an account. Additional information, including the possibility of receiving promotions from ePharmacy, is optional on the registration page. In addition, ePharmacy can include more optional user requests to help ePharmacy configure the website to provide the user with customized data. ePharmacy shall not exchange, rent, or sell any personal information to third parties other than that which is stated in this Data Protection Policy, without the consent of the User. ePharmacy can record received and made telephone calls for the purpose of providing services efficiently and effectively for inquiries, orders, suggestions or other purposes.

    Personal information refers to details that identify the user, name, email address, age, phone number, password, health record (including the doctor's name) or any financial information provided at or after the registration to ePharmacy.


    This Privacy Policy extends to ePharmacy-owned websites and services. ePharmacy shall not control sites displayed in its services like search results or links. Websites of a third party that place their own cookies or any other files in the computer of the user, collect data or solicit from users that are not responsible or liable to ePharmacy. ePharmacy, therefore, does not reflect, or guarantee, the accuracy, integrity or quality of any information, data, text, software, sound, images, graphics, videos and any other material available on those sites in any manner in relation to the privacy practices or policies of such third persons or to any terms and conditions of use of such websites. ePharmacy does not include or exclude any approval of the website, the provider of the website or the details on the website. ePharmacy requests the user to read the website's privacy policies.

    In order to safeguard against unauthorized access, improper use or release, change or illegal destruction or unintentional loss of Personal information, ePharmacy took all reasonable precautions to handle personal data as confidentially subject to standards set by the industry.

    Use of your personal data: You or your designated representative will provide your personal information to ePharmacy during the use of our services. You can request us to modify or delete this information if this information is incorrect. ePharmacy shall take all appropriate measures to ensure that information is modified and used for the provision of services, in accordance with the law, to you. We may ask you to verify your identity before we can act on your request when editing or deleting personal information. ePharmacy may deny any application contrary to the law at its discretion that requires excessive technical efforts. We cannot promise that without our knowledge and consent, we will erase all remaining copies and archives made by any third party.

    Exceptions. We can share your personal data with third parties having the need or authority to obtain such information if we have a good faith belief that it is reasonably necessary to have access, use, protection or communication of information in order to comply with (i) in relation to receiving of such information under law by any authority (ii)any court order (iii) detect or stop fraud, security or technical problems, or otherwise address fraud (iv) to protect ePharmacy, our users, or the public against harm to the rights, properties or health, as required by law or allowed by law.

    If you want to use any of the services provided on the site and use it to identify yourself, you agree to provide us with your personal data. ePharmacy representatives may request such personal information (e.g. full legal name, address, your doctor's name, products purchased, etc.) and other information that may be required from time to time, via email, telephone or letter. When ePharmacy is using personal information and performing some review or interpretation by a trained officer the patterns in your personal information and lifestyle, you allow us to share it with your doctor for a limited purpose of his understanding and validation, nevertheless, ePharmacy will own these data and records exclusively, unless you choose to purchase the same for a certain amount payable to ePharmacy.

    ePharmacy makes no unauthorized calls or otherwise markets any goods or services except for the reason for which such information is submitted or for taking feedbacks or addressing queries. The user shall not reveal his or her personal data to any non-ePharmacy approved third party and check the identity of those individuals who seek information. ePharmacy can communicate with users through e-mail and online updates, or via other means, which includes text and other messaging types. Through signing in to your account, users can always change their e-mail and contact preferences or calling customer support.

    If you so wish, ePharmacy can send you direct mail at the address you have submitted. The links at the bottom of every mailer are to allow you to opt-out of this direct mailer. We value your privacy and so far as you do not accept these mailers, all steps will be taken to delete you from the list. When you see that our terms and conditions are violated, please write to us, or call us and report these incidents at our call center. All information, including sensitive personal information, given to ePharmacy either by the user directly or through our designated agent is real, precise and voluntary. In accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the terms of use, the user has the right to withdraw information at any time by writing to us.

    For research, statistical analysis and business intelligence purposes, ePharmacy may use personal information without regard to any individual or identity and the data, statistics or intelligence data may be sold or otherwise transferred to third parties and affiliates in an aggregated or non-personally identifiable form. The confidentiality of all sensitive personal data and information of each user is to be preserved by all ePharmacy employees and data processors who have access to or related to the processing of, sensitive personal data or data.

    In the case of a reorganization or sale of the assets of an ePharmacy company, ePharmacy may also report or transfers personal and other information provided by the user to another third party. Any third party to which ePharmacy passes or sells its properties shall be entitled to further use the users' personal and other details.

    ePharmacy may supply its personal information to third parties contractors working on behalf of or with ePharmacy to the extent necessary for the provision of services on this website to users, to support ePharmacy in connecting or sustaining the website with users. These contractors generally have no separate right to share this information, however, certain contractors providing website services, including online communications services, shall have the right to use and reveal, in compliance with their own privacy policy, personal information obtained in respect of the provision of these services.

    At any time, with or without notice ePharmacy can update or amend this privacy policy. In the event that significant changes occur in the way ePharmacy handles a user’s information which can identify the user, ePharmacy displays a notification on the website or email users about it. All information ePharmacy has about users and their accounts are covered by the current Privacy Policy of ePharmacy.

    Nevertheless, ePharmacy is not required to inform users of any modifications made to the Privacy Policy. You may refuse to accept the amendments and choose the removal of your personal data by writing to us if you have any questions or do not accept changes to your privacy policy.

    Please write to us if you have any compliance or complaints regarding the website or this privacy policy.