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          Scarban Silicone Sheet Light 5x30cm

          The Light version is the best choice when the thick silicone layer of Scarban Elastic is too intensive for the skin or when the scar is on a part of the body that flexes (e.g. elbow). Scarban Light is thinner, more flexible and better tolerated by sensitive skin. Scar treatment using Scarban Light may take longer to achieve the same final result.
          Manufacturer: New Manufacturer
          Free shipping
          Delivery date: 1 - 3 days
          Rs 4000.00

          Benefits of Scarban Silicone Sheet Light

          • Thinner and more flexible (ideal for body areas that flex)
          • Ideal for sensitive skin
          • Includes very high-level UV protection
          • Can be cut to fit your application
          • Includes special cleaning soap
          • Available in various sizes

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