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          A scientifically designed, Diabetes specific formula that can be added to your diet plan along with lifestyle modifications and regular exercise
          Delivery date: 1 - 3 days
          Rs 1040.00

          HOW TO PREPARE

          Add 6 Scoops of Ensure Diabetes Care powder in 200 ml water. Stir until dissolved and enjoy. One serving of Ensure Diabetes Care provides approximately 226 K cal.



          • Ensure Diabetes care is a diabetes specific nutrition.
          • It is scientifically formulated with slow release energy system to help manage blood glucose levels and support weight management.
          • Helps build muscle mass and supports heart and digestive health.
          • High quality protein & contains sucralose (an artificial sweetener).
          • Lactose free, trans fat free and by nature it is free of gluten.

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