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    Picture of Anatrix Pro Hair Serum, 50Ml/1.69 Fl Oz.

    Anatrix Pro Hair Serum, 50Ml/1.69 Fl Oz.

    Hair production occurs in phases, including growth (Anagen), cessation (Catagen) and rest (Telogen) phases. In course of normal hair growth cycle, approximately 90 % of hair are in Anagen phase and 3%, 15% in Catagen and Telogen phase respectively.
    Manufacturer: Ceuticoz
    Delivery date: 1 - 3 days
    Rs 1520.00
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    • AnaGain TM increases Anagen hair density while reducing telogen hair density and stimulates hair growth factors.
    • Liposomal formulation enhances CoQ10 permeation which energizes hair follicles.
    • Horse chestnut extract has free radical scavenging properties that strengthens extracellular matrix and promotes blood circulation.
    • Non Tacky, Non Greasy, Silicon free formula for increased user compliance.
    • With Dropper for easy application on scalp.
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