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          Mother Sparsh After Bite Tumeric Balm 25gm

          Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic After-Bite Turmeric Healing Balm puts an end to the vicious cycle of itching and scratching. It has a gentle formulation of natural ingredients like Turmeric, Sarson Oil & Jaitoon that fights off skin infections & acts as a natural anti-septic
          Manufacturer: Mother Sparsh
          Delivery date: 1 - 3 days
          Rs 499.00


          • Its compact size makes it travel-friendly to carry it anywhere you go.
          • With the power of Ayurveda, it is safe and ideal to use for you, your little one and your family.
          • The combination of Turmeric & Sarson oil instantly soothes the skin. So, say goodbye to all the struggle of itching & scratching!
          • Possesses anti-septic & anti-inflammatory properties which all together help in reducing redness and swelling of a bug bite.
          • The presence of herbs and natural oils makes it the best remedy to heal minor rashes caused due to skin irritants.


          • Turmeric: Holds anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties that help in healing the bug bites and gives a soothing effect.
          • Sarson Oil: With the presence of anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties, it minimizes skin infections and allergies.Jaitoon Oil:
          • Loaded with antioxidant properties, it reduces skin inflammation & keeps the skin healthy.


          • Open the lid of the Pack
          • Apply liberally 3-4 times daily to affected area as needed. If irritation occurs discontinue its use.

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